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damn straight.
this journal is becoming friends-only
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Edit: if you're not already, which you probably are :)

so i realize that this is like my 3rd post today, but i'm really bored.
and here is a fun little thingie stolen from shessodull
[Unknown LJ tag]Are You Sexy Survey
[x] I've been called sexy
[ ] I use my body to get what I want
[ ] I would say I have alot of confidence
[x ] I shop at Hollister
[x ] I shop at Victoria Secret
[] I own more than 15 pairs of thongs
[ ] I wear short shorts
[ ] You would never catch me in a hoodie
[x] I have asked a guy for his phone number
[ ] I have asked a guy on a date
[x] I wear makeup
[ ] I never wear my hair up
[] Guys have said I have a hot voice
[ ] Its true, I'm seductive

Are You Silly Survey
[x] People have told me that I'm funny
[ ] Its true, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
[] I would consider myself goofy
[] I laugh...ALOT
[] I find humor in almost anything
[ ] My friends come to me when they need to be cheered up
[] I make funny faces
[x] I love to make people laugh
[ ] Jim Carrey is so funny
[x] I do have my ditzy moments
[x] I act crazy just for laughs
[ x] I drink hot coco
[x] I LOVE t-shirts that have sayings on them
[ ] I'm hardly ever serious

The Bad Girl Survey
[ ] I've Been arrested
[ ] I've Been arrested More Then Once
[x] I LOVE To Party
[ x I've Been Wasted and Made Out With Someone I Didn't Know
[x] I've Done Something I Regret While I Was Drunk
[x ] I Have Shoplifted More Then Once
[x] I Have An Addiction
[x ] I've Played Truth or Dare More Then Once
[ ] I've Gone Skinny Dipping
[ ] If It Was Okay To Walk Around In Public Naked I Would
[ ] I Have A Huge Secret No One Knows About
[x ] I've Smoked Pot
[ ] I Think Beer Tastes Sooo Good
[ x] I Have Snuck Out In The Middle Of The Night
[x ] I've Been Grounded More Then 5 Times
[ x] More Then 10 Times
[x] I Consider Myself A "Bad Girl"
[x ] I Have Stolen From My Parents
[] I Have Seriously Thought About Murdering A Person
[x] I Have Thought About Suicide
[] I Have Made Out With More Then 10 Guys
[ ] I Wouldn't Turn Down The Offer To Become A Porn Star
[x] I Have Taken Nude Photos Of Myself
[x] I've Been Called A Slut
[] I've Skipped School More Than 20 Times (since I got to college atleast)

The Good Girls Survey
[ ] I Go To Church
[ ] I Wouldn't Even Dream Of Getting Aressted
[x ] I'm A Virgin
[ ] I've Never Even Seen Porn
[] I've Been In Love
[ ] I Think Taking Drugs Is Stupid
[ ] Beer Is Gross
[ ] I Consider Myself A "Good Girl"
[] I Dress Classy not Trashy (only trashy at parties. SOMETIMES)
[ ] I Rather Spend Time With My Friends Than A Boy
[x] I Focus Alot On My Grades
[] I Study For Tests
[ ] I've Never Cheated On A Boyfriend
[ ] I've Never Had A Boyfriend
[] I've Never Played Truth Or Dare
[ ] I'm Very Polite
[] I'm Close With My Parents
[ ] I Don't Gossip
[ ] No I Don't Lie
[ ] People Who Cut Themselves Are Mentally Unstable
[] Shoplifting Is Wrong And I Would Never Do It

Pick One And Bold It:

Are you a religious person? No. spiritual, maybe.

What was the last lie you told? 'i already ate'

Do you feel bad about it? No.

Do you consider yourself a "good" person? um, no.

Are you in love with anyone?

As far as you know, is anyone in love with you?doubtful

Whose was the last heart you broke? i dunno, prolly no one's

Do you feel bad about it? .

Who was the last person to really get on your nerves?my sister

Why? being a selfish bitch

Do people know a lot about you? not really

Have you ever broken something in anger? Yes.

Have you ever hurt someone in anger? yes

Do you like children? hell no

Have you ever abused an illegal substance? yes

Have you ever been pressured to? no

Why do you listen to music? because i love it

Do you prefer happy songs or sad songs? Sad.

Are you depressed? sometimes

Are you intelligent?somewhat

Do you understand why you chose the certain item at the top? no